A gentle society, on practical, not moral grounds

By Serge Kreutz

All moral values are perceived values. They are arbitrary. The moral values of current democratic societies are no more correct than the moral values of slave-holding ancient Rome, or of a cannibal Melanesian society 200 years ago. They are just different.

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Cannibals on Fiji (1920)

Kreutz Ideology advocates a comfortable death, and before that, during one’s lifetime, optimal sex.

People don’t want to suffer. And they don’t want people to suffer for whom they have positive feelings. They normally also don’t like to see animals suffer. And they wish for a comfortable death for all of the above, including themselves.

People have a lot of good reason to prefer a gentle society for themselves and all of those for whom they care. To justify this wish, no morals are needed. People do not have to wish for a gentle society because such a society would be morally correct, but for practical reasons, because it suits them.

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A gentle society, on practical, not moral grounds


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